Workshop with G. Soto Hofmann @ Maru Dojo Bern, Bern [vom 17. bis 19. August]

Workshop with G. Soto Hofmann

17. - 19.
14:00 - 17:00

Maru Dojo Bern
Uferweg 42, 3013 Bern
Art of movement from the inside out

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This seminar is an experienced based study of the Art of Movement From The Inside Out. The practice is to cultivate a Somatic awareness and presence that can be translated into our movement and dance.
We will also begin to explore how this translates into MuShin (No Mind)Dance. (No Mind means letting go of our ideas of what dance is, or should look like, and allowing our deeper BodyMind wisdom direct us.)

Soto has spent his adult life in the study, practice, performance and teaching of the Movement Arts. This path has led Soto to see movement as a vehicle to unlock the possibilities into creativity, awareness, presence, happiness, health and healing. A major influence in his work was a 45 year relationship and collaboration with Anna Halprin.
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