End Hits // Dälek / Reindeer @ Dachstock Reitschule, Bern [15. Juni]

End Hits // Dälek / Reindeer

21:00 - 03:00

Dachstock Reitschule
Neubrückstrasse 8, 3012 Bern
DÄLEK (Union City | Ipecac Recordings)
REINDEER (Croydon | Anette Records)

Abendkasse: CHF 27.-


Pioneers of alt hip-hop, Dälek features Rapper/Producer MC Dälek, Producer/Live Electronics Mike Manteca, and Turntabilist DJ rEk. With roots in the mid-90’s DIY scene, Dälek has been delivering ground breaking albums for over 20 years and a pioneering force in crossing over the boundaries of music genres. They have encapsulated fans and critics across all genres, garnering fans and accolades from the Hip-Hop, Electronic, Indie, Metal, Shoegaze, Jazz and experimental communities. This openness has also been present in collaborations with artists such as legendary Krautrock band Faust and industrial leaders Techno Animal. Dälek’s discography has been impressive, starting with a strong debut in Negro Necro Nekros and reaching a peak with the monumental Absence. Noise and extravagance on the forefront, they began presenting a mellower perspective with Gutter Tactics before going on hiatus. In 2017 they returned to Ipecac Recordings for their new album release “Endangered Philosophies”
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