Baseball Bat Boogie Bastards & Frankie Safari -7" Single Taufe @ Rössli Bar, Bern [15. Februar]

Baseball Bat Boogie Bastards & Frankie Safari -7" Single Taufe

21:00 - 03:00

Rössli Bar
Neubrückstrasse 8, 3012 Bern
Baseball Bat Boogie Bastards & Frankie Safari
danach DJ Johnny Ola

Frankie Safari:
Frankie Safari are Switzerland’s unknown rhythm and blues rock’n’roll shouters from the wild frontier! They mine their songs out of the rocky mountain fields of their homeland, dig for gold and mud in the wild Prairie, boat the deep blue sea catfishing for a whistle of love, hunt through the jungles to catch a glimpse of the quanga snake and crawl the lonesome desert in despair of that pair of glancing eyes burning in their minds.

And you can find it all in their music! That twist of an eye, that hypnotic rolling and bumping of the caveman’s club, the jungle dancer’s sweat and shouts, the sweet melodies of love and the moanful cries of the lonely and dismissed – yeas even the rowing sound of breaking waves while surfing the heavenly joys of ecstasy beyond the tides of spirit. And that’s only the start! Once exposed to their infectious grooves their message will capture your brain and mind and make your body move and your soul spin – leaving you as happy as a bunch of monkeys up in the baobab tree.

But people with less fantasy will probably just call it a yummy pot-a-feux of tasty rock n roll, cooked with a slimy rhythm and blues gumbo, pepped up with spicy shots of exotic jungle hypnotica, all served in a surf and turf kind a way with honey dripping country fries and a kingsize sixpack of sixties garage punk to round it all up.

One, two, three – dig in!

Baseball Bat Boogie Bastards:
Swiss -DIY- Oldschool Psychobilly
The Baseball Bat Boogie Bastards were founded by the Bogo-Family in 2009. From the beginning the Bastards had a wide range of influences in their music. Rock n’ Roll- Guitar player Ädu Bogo, Metal-Bass player Ritchu Bogo and Jazz-Drummer Mitchu Bogo mixed 50ies Rockabilly / Country, 60ies Garage-Trash and 70ies Punk to a wild rocking sound. Since 2011 the Bastards became more and more an old-school Psychobilly Band. The rhythms got faster and the bass lines crazier. The songwriting is now made by the entire band itself and cover songs are played less and less. With a clear guitar, a small Stand-up-Drumset and a slapping Bass, the Bastards always keep the songs simple but their influences are still hearable. To this day it’s difficult to categorize them in a genre, which is exactly what they want: Being independent of all things, which may restrict them in their musical uniqueness.
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