Living Library Bern @ wartsaal | kaffee bar bücher, Bern [20. Februar]

Living Library Bern

18:00 - 21:00

wartsaal | kaffee bar bücher
Lorrainestrasse 15, 3013 Bern
The Living Library: a library whose books are people. At the Living Library, you will have the opportunity to talk directly to people on topics such as immigration, xenophobia, sexism and violence. The «living books» will talk to you in about 30 minutes of their life and experience.

Curious? Watch the video of our first Living Library event here:

More about «Living Library»:

It all began in 2000, when Danish activists launched the «Human Library» in order to successfully break down prejudices and stereotypes through common dialogues.

The «Human» or «Living Library», as we call it, is an innovative method to promote dialogue, to demolish prejudices and to build up understanding. We rarely have the opportunity to confront the images in our head with real people.

Visitors will have the opportunity to speak informally at a coffee table with the «living books». The living books bring their own history, they are of different age and different social and cultural backgrounds.
The idea is simple: the living books will introduce themselves shortly and after that can be borrowed by the library visitors for a limited time. You can ask the books questions or simply listen to their history.

PS: Do you know an exciting person, whom we should definitely invite as a «living book»? Then please contact us at [email protected]
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