AcroYoga Intermediate Cycle 1 with Acrolama @ Maru Dojo Bern, Bern [vom 9. bis 30. November]

AcroYoga Intermediate Cycle 1 with Acrolama

9. - 30.
19:30 - 21:00

Maru Dojo Bern
Uferweg 42, 3013 Bern

After a long time of giving Classes in Basel and Zürich we finnaly can start a Acroyoga Cycle in Bern Thanks to Maru Dojo!

The objective of this Cycle of Classes is to build up on your Acroyoga practice to more intermediate/advanced flows in a funny smart way.
We'll learn new sets of Transitions that will unlock many new nice Washing Machines but more then that, there is a special focus on not just going from A to B, but to improve Stability and Fluidity in a functional Acroyoga training.

Each Cycle (4 Classes) will integrate a new concept and Build up on it! So inscriptions are ONLY possible at the Beginning of each Cycle.

There will be some prerequisite for each Cycle. And each cycle will include the ones of the previous one. If unsertain about the level, please write us!

¡¡ You can always come to visit one Class and see if it's something for you (Please let us know in advance).!!!

***** Dates:

Cycle 1
Starts Thuersday 9 of November
Each Thuersday Starting 09.11 — 30.11.2017 from 19:30 — 21:00

***** Content:

This first Cycle focuses on hip rotation transitions and work static inverted postions.
For This First 4 Classes we will learn:
1) Ninja Star
2) Barrel Roll
3) Infinity (Combination of the previous 1 & 2)
4) Naked Singularity (Changing directions of the flow 1 & 2)

(Note: This Set is crazy important because for the next Cycles it will be our Warm up!)

***** Prerequistes:

What should you know?:
1.- Transition form one Side Star to the other passing throught Bat position.
2.- Familiar with Star, Shoulderstand position

If uncertain what this means please write us!..

***** Prices per Cycle (4 Classes):
65.- for Students
90.- for Non-Students
All Maru Dojo Members have a 50% Discount over normal Price.
10.- Rabatt for AcroYoga Ferein Bern members.

***** Inscription:

We made a easy form for you: :)!
You can allways write us at [email protected]

We're really to see you all soon in Maru Dojo!
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