Opening: Luc Andrié @ DuflonRacz, Bern [13. Oktober]

Opening: Luc Andrié

18:00 - 21:00

Gerechtigkeitsgasse 40, 3011 Bern
Luc Andrié
Peintures et Vidéos

14. Oktober — 11. November 2017
Opening: Friday 13th October, 6pm

We are proud to present a selection of new paintings and video by Lausanne-based artist Luc Andrié.
Luc Andrié (born Pretoria, South Africa, 1954) lives and works in La Rusille, Switzerland. He is professor of visual arts at Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne (ECAL). Recent solos exhibitions include „Bolano at MAMCO Genève in 2014 (after his previous solo show with catalogue there in 2003) and BRUN at Circuit Lausanne (2013). Andrié paints on the cusp between figure and ground, basing his paintings on filmed performances of the human body. His work thus mediates between traditions of the monochrome and figuration in painting, challenging our conventions of vision.

“It is me, me playing a role, me as an actor. In deciding to paint myself, I research a radical autonomy of my subjectivity: it is me, but it is the most of me possible, the most contradictions and paradoxes possible: an anonymous I, as if Luc the God created Luc And & rié – ah, those sons of a pastor!… I use my body as a medium, as in performance art, a body that exposes itself to its senses and to the reality of the world, to our reality. It is a body I know, with and through which I live the entirety of the transactions of my life. It is still me the artist and his I, with that jumble of visions, thoughts, and feelings that explode within him. I say that I paint a We. My painting shows one contemporary, anonymous man, in a world both porous (poreux) and fearful (peureux), who displays himself before anonymous others, interrogating them, but we don't know exactly what question is posed by these pictures.”

(Excerpt from an unpublished interview with Kathleen Bühler, curator of contemporary art at Kunstmuseum Bern)
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